Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lush ocean salt scrub

The Lush ocean salt scrub is described as a face and body scrub but i would classify it as more of a body scrub just because the texture of the salt granules might just be too rough on some face types 


The colour is a light green colour (this is after mixing it ) when you buy it it tends to have different colour layers of blue and white.The texture is a salty texture with coarse granules the smell is not my favorite i must admit it smells quite masculant but luckily the smell doesn't linger on your skin

The price isn't cheap i am not going to lie the small tub (120g) costs R135 and the bigger tub (250g) costs R245 at your local lush store 


The ingredients are mostly all natural 


Honestly i was not as impressed with this scrub as i expected i believe that there are cheaper scrubs out there that work just as well and i would most likely not repurchase this because i didn't feel it did what i expected from it.I used this once to twice a week and i felt that it didn't leave my skin feeling or looking any different and the smell was a huge turn off.I would rate this a 6/10 just because I liked the fact that the ingredients are mostly natural and the colour was quite pretty before i mixed it.This product does have an expiry date and it is reccomended that you use this while it is still fresh.